One Day It’ll Be Floating in My Soup

Having a long history in the fashion business (twenty-one years in New York and Los Angeles), I’ve seen my fair share of cosmetic surgery disasters. I ran into one very famous model, turned actress, from the eighties, whilst shopping in Pasadena one day. I’m DYING to tell you who it was but I don’t want to get sued, so I can’t. Drat! … More One Day It’ll Be Floating in My Soup


The Morning After

  Well here we are. We’ve made it through the worst mud-slinging, hate-filled presidential campaign in the history of our country. Some of us are celebrating and some of us are despondent. What am I? I’m resigned. But I was destined to be that in light of either candidate’s victory. Our country has become so … More The Morning After

How Motherhood Broke Me and Turned Me Into David Sedaris

  I love nothing as much as reading the words of people who write about their own particular brand of insanity. I cite David Sedaris and his OCD childhood where an inadvertent crack-stepping would require a return trip to his bedroom to re-lick the light switch and start his journey over. Or Jenny Lawson! My … More How Motherhood Broke Me and Turned Me Into David Sedaris

Cancer Cured!!!

“For some people, knowing they had the best surgeon might be enough. But we didn’t want to put all our eggs in one basket. This was my husband’s life, my family’s future. Knowing we had the best doctor was a huge comfort, but we wanted more, so I hit the internet. I found a lot of information that didn’t seem very credible, but vowed to keep an open mind. By nature I’m a person that believes. I believe in the power of positive thinking. I believe in prayer. I was not going to rest until I found something that resonated with me.” … More Cancer Cured!!!