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  1. I am going to say her boots. Here’s why. I want knee high boots but they don’t make them in my size. My calves are too big. And if i could have wonder womans…hell yeh! Next, I move around allot and am on my feet 90% of the day. Trying to keep up with anything in my house….good footwear is a must and having the a peed to get from one thing to the next to cut down on time lost….yup. the boots are my pick.

  2. Well, Ms. Whitney, Much like you, Wonder Woman is gifted with LOTS of skills and special powers! She has …
    Indestructible bracelets
    Lasso of Truth
    A Tiara which she can use as a projectile
    and an invisible plane, which shows up in some of her stories.
    writeoncindy (at) yahoo (dot) com

  3. Sorry. My choice isn’t one listed. I’d go with her boobs. Boobs are a very powerful force. However, given the list of choices, I’ll go with tiara. Because I have always coveted tiaras and still regret not buying the one I found in the jewelry case at TJ Maxx several years ago.

  4. Definitley the boots! Id love to have a pair of them! hehe Tho, the lasso would be cool to. I could definitely see using that on a few people. Thank you! Perfect Post! (Two p’s!) lol Thanks!

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