Cancer Cured!!!

Cancer Cured

What? When did this happen? No way! You liar! This headline is quite an attention getter isn’t it? But what if it was true? What if the cure for cancer was right in front of our faces and we refused to see it because we’re a culture steeped in the belief that western medicine is the only way? What if so many people didn’t have to needlessly suffer and die? What if there was a chance to cure yourself or your loved one and all you had to do was open your mind? It’s a lot to ponder.

Before I tell you my story, I’m going to share my disclaimer. I don’t really know if there is a cure for cancer. I’m not a medical doctor, eastern, or western. I don’t even play one on television. I’m not a voodoo practitioner. I don’t own or know how to operate a crystal ball. I didn’t even do well in science class. I write romantic comedies and middle reader fiction. So essentially I have nothing to recommend this article except personal experience and a desire to share knowledge with my fellow man.

Four years ago, my husband Jimmy, was having a hard time swallowing. He had a constant sensation that something was stuck in his throat. Finally, after several weeks, he went to the doctor and learned he had a large cancerous tumor blocking his throat. The PET scan confirmed stage-four tonsil cancer. There appeared to be full lymph node involvement on both sides of his neck. We were beyond shocked by this diagnosis as Jimmy had never been a smoker or drinker. His ENT gave him a 40-50% chance of surviving three years with surgery and extensive radiation and chemo.

At the time of his diagnosis, Jimmy and I had been married twenty-one years, yet our children were only one and three. I’d just gone through a miserable year of postpartum depression only to be faced with losing my husband and raising my daughters alone. This was simply not an option I was willing to entertain.

Because of the severity of his diagnosis, Jimmy was placed at the top of the surgical schedule at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. According to a family friend at Sloan Kettering, his surgeon was the best doctor west of the Mississippi for this type of operation. In the western medicine world, we’d won the lottery and we were beyond grateful.

For some people, knowing they had the best surgeon might be enough. But we didn’t want to put all our eggs in one basket. This was my husband’s life, my family’s future. Knowing we had the best doctor was a huge comfort, but we wanted more, so I hit the internet. I found a lot of information that didn’t seem very credible, but vowed to keep an open mind. By nature I’m a person that believes. I believe in the power of positive thinking. I believe in prayer. I was not going to rest until I found something that resonated with me.

I searched into the wee hours of the morning looking for something, anything, that would give him a better chance of survival, a better chance to be a father to the children we’d waited so long to have. After reading until I was bleary-eyed, I finally found an article that made me stop cold. It suggested an herb traditionally used to treat malaria also killed cancer cells. In one hundred percent of the cases tested, where the patient was not close to death, it stopped cancer growth, shrunk the tumor or killed it entirely!

The herb is called artemisinin. It’s a derivative of the wormwood plant and has to be taken with a certain protocol for best absorption. The doctor who wrote the article suggested NutriCology was the purest form of the herb and recommended it above other cheaper commercial brands. *I do not work for NutriCology or receive any compensation from them. They don’t know who I am. I’m not even on their Christmas card list.

As this was my husband’s life, I decided to follow the recommendations to the letter. So for the first time ever, I overnighted a rather substantial vitamin order. We only had two weeks before putting Jimmy’s life into the hands of western medicine so we needed to get started ASAP.

Jimmy faithfully took this regimen for fourteen days before checking into the hospital for surgery. His surgical team spent several hours robotically removing a golf ball size tumor from his throat, part of his tongue and part of his palate. His doctor declared it a surprisingly easy removal for the size of the tumor. He further disclosed that tentacles seemed to have been burned down from the tumor, but we shouldn’t get our hopes up. The lymph nodes still had to be dealt with.

Because Jimmy aspirated on his fourth day in the hospital, his planned four-day stay turned into fourteen days, so he was there when the lymph node biopsy results came back. Against all odds, they were clean. No cancer remained in his body. The doctors were very surprised, but they were reserved in their excitement. The nurses were a different story. They declared things like, “It’s a miracle!” and “This never happens!” They were visibly shaken.

Was it a miracle? Could prayer have killed the cancer in his nodes? People all over the world were praying for him. Could the PET scan have been a false positive? Possibly, but not likely given the size of the tumor and the appearance of burned down tentacles. But just maybe it’s a scientific truth that when taken correctly, artemisinin really does cure cancer.

Studies suggest artemisinin works best for head, neck and female cancers (breast, ovarian, uterine etc.) Yet, my father, who has a rare form of blood cancer, seems to be responding to the treatment as well.

My mother’s best friend from grade school called her to share that she was done with chemo. It wasn’t working and she’d made her peace with dying. My mom asked her to please try this protocol first. Her friend did and today she is cancer-free.

It was given to a mother whose four year old had an inoperable brain tumor. She was grateful for the information but decided not to use it. It was given to a mother of four young children, who was sent home to die. She was incensed someone dare suggest an alternative cure and didn’t take it, preferring death to a chance at life.

In my sheer gratitude that my husband’s life was spared, I’ve talked about our discovery to anyone who will listen. I’ve stepped on toes and offended people who think there is no way but the western way. I’ve posted the protocol on my personal Facebook page eight times only to have someone complain so the Facebook gods removed it, eight times.

I’m writing this article for no other reason than to spread information. People, what do you have to lose? I don’t know if artemisinin really killed the cancer in Jimmy’s lymph nodes or not. What I do know is we left no stone unturned. Isn’t your life, your spouse’s life, your child’s life, your friend’s life worth the same?

You will want to do your own research to find out what dosage is right for your situation. Jimmy used a very high dose because it was only short term. There are warnings about how long you should take this protocol etc. so I suggest hitting the internet and making your own judgements, with or without your doctor. But certainly let your doctor know what you’re doing. They should be apprised of all things going into your body so they know how to properly treat you. For instance, you should not take this protocol while undergoing radiation.

With all that said, here’s what we did.

  1. Jimmy took Artemisinin (Artemesia) from NutriCology. The reports show this is a very pure form of the herb.
  2. It’s best taken on an empty stomach with some natural fat to enhance absorption. Any iron present from residual foods can neutralize peroxides. Milk, however, is one of the few foods with minimal iron. Hence, whole milk, cottage cheese and yogurt have ample fat for absorption.
  3. Cod liver oil (for its omega-3 and vitamin D) and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) will assist absorption. Very important.
  4. Jimmy had tonsil cancer so we included spirulina, which has demonstrated an inhibitor effect on oral cancer.
  5. He was also taking curcumin (turmeric) as research has shown that the turmeric spice kills throat cancer cells.
  6. Chlorella is also a cancer inhibitor, so it was also part of his program.

His doses were as follows: (Keeping in mind he was a 200 lb. male in top physical shape.)

  • Artemisinin 600mg twice a day
  • Cod liver Oil 1500 mg twice a day (with the artemisinin)
  • CLA 1500 mg twice a day (with the artemisinin)
  • Spirulina 600 mg twice a day
  • Turmeric 2000 mg once a day
  • Chlorella 300 mg once a day

Jimmy has been cancer free for four years. We’re not the same people we once were. We’re more cautious than ever before, as we’re so very aware that the gift of life can be taken from us at any time. We’re less materialistic than we’ve ever been. Things seem far less meaningful when you’ve stared death in the face. Yet the most poignant change has been our capacity for gratitude. Every day we are awash with joy to be alive and sharing our journey together.

I’m heartbroken every time I hear of a cancer diagnosis or learn of a death resulting from cancer. If this article only helps one person, it’s worth it. But it’s my hope it might help thousands. Cancer is a profitable business. It’s a money maker for many. An easy and fairly inexpensive cure is not in the best interest of big business which is why this information isn’t being shouted from rooftops. Yet I’m taking the elevator straight to the roof of the Empire State Building and I’m shouting at the top of my lungs. Give it a chance! What do you have to lose?

Author Bio:

Whitney Dineen is an Amazon bestselling author of romantic comedies and middle reader fiction. Her first rom com, She Sins at Midnight, won a silver medal in the 2015 Reader’s Favorite Awards. Her second, The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan, won Honorable Mention at the London Book Festival, a silver medal in the 2016 Reader’s Favorite Awards,  and is a finalist in the 2016 RONE Awards. Whitney lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband, Jimmy, where they raise their children, free-range chickens and organic vegetables.


12 thoughts on “Cancer Cured!!!

  1. What website did you come upon this from? I would like to send it to some friends who have recently been diagnosed and some others that have been given that there is nothing else to do. Praise the Lord of your husband’s cure. Amazing. Sometimes Doctors just don’t get it.

  2. My nephew had cancer in his tonsil on the left side about 5 years ago, and was successfully treated with radiation at the U. of Kentucky. I can identify with your pain a little. Thank God for hearing the prayers and giving you the will to keep researching until you found the correct company to provide the ingredients and bring about a cure for your husband. Thank you, thank you for sharing your story with us.

  3. Whitney, your story is incredible, and I am both sorry for and awed by all you and your husband have been through and conquered. Thank you so very much for sharing this information, I will be looking into it for my father-in-law. Like you said, Why not? What is there to lose? I don’t know why it is so difficult for some people to consider an alternative, especially something like a Chinese herb, let’s face it, there have been a lot of answers there, for a very long time. Western medicine, while miraculous in so many ways, can also be extremely counter-common sense and limiting. In any case, there doesn’t have to be just ONE way, especially with something as complex as that evil bitch Cancer. Thank you again, and I wish all the very best to you and your family. Keep kicking ass. xo

  4. Whitney, I’m so happy to hear this alternative method may have had a hand in curing your husband. My daughter passed away from leukemia at age 8, sixteen years ago. In addition to her undergoing conventional treatments, we constantly scoured the internet and tried many alternative methods to supplement her treatment. Unfortunately, the number of options out there — many of which are snake oil, and others which probably have true healing properties — can be overwhelming to families who are desperate to find a cure. Given your husband’s grim prognosis, I think it’s reasonable to believe artemisinin tipped the odds in his favor. Like you said, it certainly can’t hurt to mention it to others, especially those who have run out of options. I hope Jimmy continues to live out his days cancer-free! 🙂

  5. Hi Whitney, fantastic info, thanks for sharing!

    Btw, can you say how long your husband took Artemisinin 600mg twice a day ?

    Because I read confusing info on the web, some talk about short term use, while Dr. Hoang recommends treatment for two years. Some recommend taking breaks/rest after a certain amount of days, etc…

    So basically, how long was he taking Artemisinin 600mg twice a day? Did that dose ever go down (maintenance dose) ? And was he taking rest days/rest week from the Artemisinin ?

    Thanks again! 😉

    1. Dave, He was only on such a high dose for 2 weeks. Then he had surgery to remove the tumor.
      It was discovered during the lymph node biopsy, at that time, that there was no cancer
      left in the nodes. Sending good thoughts your way!

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