T.A. Williams


Today, I have a bonafide man! T.A. Williams is the author an a wide variety of books from thrillers to romance. His specialty however, are romantic comedies (my fave!) He lives in the sleepy village of Devon in Southwest England with his Italian wife and black lab.

A note from Trevor: as somebody who is already very old (67 this year) it should be noted that some of my answers may look a little unambitious. Mine is not so much a bucket list as a sludge at the bottom of an old bucket list. The fact is that completing a 360º jump on a windsurfer, experimenting with Tantric sex and driving a Formula 1 racing car are probably out of my reach already on physiological grounds. Maybe there should be a separate selection of “5 Things I did and I’m still alive”…

5 Things I Hope to do Before I Die:

  1. I’ve got to say this because I’m a writer: I’d love one of my books to get to number one in the charts. So far, the best I’ve done was #44.
  2. See one of my books made into a film and live long enough to spend the proceeds (!)
  3. Visit Sicily. I lived in Italy for 8 years but only visited Sicily on business for a few days. The geography, history, food and climate are very, very appealing.
  4. Buy a little apartment somewhere in France or Italy where I can go when the weather here in England is at its greyest and wettest. Unfortunately, my Italian wife feels more English than Italian and has no desire to move back.
  5. See my daughter, who is a poet, become Poet Laureate!

5 Things I Hope Never to do Before I Die:

  1. I hope I never become one of those grumpy old men who hate everybody and everything. I’ve had a great life and I have nothing to be grumpy about.
  2. I hope I never have to walk a tightrope suspended between two buildings or even just walk some of the Alpine trails alongside fearsome precipices. I have absolutely no head for heights at all.
  3. I hope I never have to eat tripe again. I once ordered it by mistake in Austria and, although I struggled through it, once was enough.
  4. I hope I never have to give up writing. It’s so much part of my life now. I’m not sure I could live without doing it.
  5. I hope I never see any of my loved ones suffer.

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