Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke


Ah, these gals leave a smile on my face every time! Hurry up and preorder your copy of The Year We Turned Forty like all the other cool kids!


5 Things I Want to do Before I Die:
  1. Start a charity or foundation to help others
  2. Travel to Italy, Spain and Greece
  3. Host a writers retreat on the beach
  4. Learn to snowboard
  5. Learn how to feel gratitude every day–not just on the easy ones
5 Things I Hope to Never to do Before I Die:
  1. Go on any reality show ever for any reason
  2. Skydiving (I’m with Lisa on this one!)
  3. Eat fast food often (Gave it up last year and feel great!)
  4. Alienate my family or friends–life is too short!
  5. Hold on to mistakes–we all make them, just learn from it, forgive yourself and move on.
5 Things I Want to do Before I Die:
  1.  Live in another country.
  2.  Learn another language.
  3. Own a home on the beach.
  4. Travel to the places I’ve never been including: Asia, Australia + South America.
  5. Look myself in the mirror and say I have absolutely no regrets.
5 things I Hope Never to do Before I Die:
  1. Give up coffee. It’s just one of those vices I don’t want to let go of–ever.
  2. Have enemies. I hope I’ve forgiven even the toxic people in my life.
  3. Run a marathon. I know people love this, but it’s just not me. Not even a 5K. I felt a lot of self imposed pressure over the years to “get in on the action” but finally had to accept that’s just not the way I’m ever going to exercise.
  4. Be out of shape. I hope I’m exercising and taking care of myself until the very end! Even if I have a plastic hip. God willing!
  5. Skydive. Nope, never, not interested.
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