Brenda Janowitz


Welcome the witty and wonderful Brenda Janowitz! I promise you won’t be able to get enough of this lady.



Okay, first off: do you know something that I don’t know? How much time, exactly, do I have before I die? Should these be long lead projects or just quickies, like “have a clean kitchen.” Am I dying? AM I DYING?!


5 Things I Hope to do Before I Die

  1. Go back to Paris. Since having kids, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to travel like I used to.  So, I’d love to return to Paris, a city that holds so much magic for me.
  2. Have my kids happy and settled. Every mother’s dream, right?
  3. Have one of my books turned into a movie. Every author’s dream, right?
  4. Invent something. Ever since I started watching Shark Tank, I’ve been longing to invent something great. And now that I’ve seen the movie Joy, it’s pretty much a life goal.
  5. Retire somewhere warm and relaxing. As a kid, I always dreamed of living a Bohemian life in Hawaii, surrounded by my writing and the ocean, so let’s say that.

5 Things I Hope Never to do Before I Die

  1. Have one of my children in the hospital again. Both of my kids were preemies and had long stays in the NICU—I don’t ever want to visit one of my kids in a hospital again. Unless, of course, they become doctors and I’m visiting them at work. Or, perhaps, if they become dads and I’m visiting my grandkids….
  2. Be a single girl in Manhattan. Dating in Manhattan was hard. Really hard. I hope I never have to do it again.
  3. Practice law. My mom loves bragging about the fact that I used to practice law in a big firm in Manhattan, but I really hated it. I wasn’t cut out for the hours or the lifestyle or any of it, really. (Well, the ability to afford really, really expensive shoes was nice.)
  4. Live somewhere it’s cold year round. I’m in New York and I love having seasons. I also hate snow! (She says after the second biggest blizzard in recorded history….)
  5. Be on a reality TV show. Don’t get me wrong—I love watching them, but no one ever comes off quite the way they’d like to on reality TV. So that’s a hard pass for me.

But, seriously, I probably should go back and clean my kitchen now. Thank you so much for having me, Whitney!

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