Gretchen Galway

GretchenFunny lady, Gretchen Galway, takes us on a tour of her Bucket List. You’re sure to want more after you read her answers.


5 Things I Hope To Do Before I Die

  1. Visit France. I can’t believe I’m as old (SO OLD) as I am and have never been in Paris. Or      Provence. I want to eat cheese and drink wine and buy a silk scarf. And take pictures of lavender and try not to embarrass myself with my total lack of French.
  2. Visit Italy! Same as France, except without the scarf. I can’t wear Italian shoes because I have feet like Fred Flintstone, so I’d amuse myself with the Art and History and Gorgeousness. And food.
  3. I’m still distracted by item #2. What else would I need after I have Italy?
  4. OK, I’m recovering. I’d like to see my kids have kids. The youngest is still in sixth grade so I have to be patient (KNOCK ON WOOD.)
  5.  Dog sled! I’ve always wanted to ride on a sled behind a team of dogs in Canada or Alaska. I have no idea why, but I want this.

5 Things I Hope Never to Do Before I Die

  1. Cause mortal harm with a motor vehicle.
  2. Cause disabling harm with a motor vehicle.
  3. Cause minor property damage with a motor vehicle.
  4. Let my phobia of driving ever get bad enough that I never leave the house.
  5. Give up on my dreams because I think I’m too old.

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