Rich Amooi


Rich Amooi is the proverbial needle in the hay stack. He’s a guy that writes romantic comedies! He is definitely the go to dude if you want to know what men make of romance.

5 Things I Hope to Do Before I Die

  1. Kiss my wife a million times. Note to self: Stock up on Chapstick.
  2. Hike Machu Picchu and go on an African safari. Yeah, I stuck two things here. Sue me.
  3. Eat a three-course meal consisting of French fries, pizza, and donuts.
  4. Hug the person who cures cancer.
  5. Write one hundred romantic comedies.

5 Things I Hope Never to do Before I Die

  1. Have regrets.
  2. Run out of Chapstick.
  3. Take life too seriously.
  4. Eat brussel sprouts.
  5. Stop taking chances.

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