Jane Green

Jane Green

The one and only Jane Green is kicking us off again this year with her 5 things. This classy lady is laugh-out-loud funny, solidifying her as one of my favorite authors of all time!

5 Things I Hope to do Before I Die

  1. Own a Fainting Goat. In my other life (the one in my head), I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere growing all my own vegetables, and being followed around the meadows by a merry band of four-legged creatures. Including these.
  2. Play a musical instrument like a pro. It’s looking like ukulele is the most likely candidate.
  3. Finally be happy with my body, whatever size it is (and despite it changing on a regular basis).
  4. Live on a beach somewhere, surrounded by palm trees and little else other than perhaps a cool tiki bar somewhere down the road.
  5. Own a storybook thatched cottage in the Cotswolds or Somerset, as a writing retreat.

5 Things I Hope Never to do Before I Die

  1. Be abducted by aliens. It is one of those ridiculous fears, but still. Even the word “probe” makes me shudder in horror.
  2. Have to wash skunk smell off the dogs. Or cats. Again.
  3.  Zip-lining. I had no idea I had a fear of heights until they pushed me off the platform high above the canopy of trees in Costa Rica. Never again.
  4. Wear those gorgeous shoes even when I know they’re too high and too uncomfortable, and spend a miserable evening in pain.
  5. Bury someone I love.

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