Babette Entry #5

Breaking News: Babette, has surfaced! Apparently, after leaving my employ, she began stalking Jon Bon Jovi. She weaseled her way into his household using her past experience with me to gain entry. Well, all I know is that a large sum of money has been deposited into Perez Hilton’s account as a hush money. The Jon Bons aren’t talking and Perez isn’t talking, so I have no details. Babette claims to have learned her place and has offered to come back as long as I don’t call her Natalie when Magda and I are in the midst of our Facts of Life roleplaying game. Sure Babs was a discontented, promiscuous troublemaker but she brought a certain zest to the household dynamic, not unlike certain store-bought salad dressings. More to come…


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