Babette Entry# 2

Babette, has sewn seeds of discontent with our fictitious household staff.

1. Our driver, Alfonse, has demanded that I stop calling him Fonzi and will no longer wear the black leather jacket that I purchased for him. Also, he refuses to give me a thumbs up and say, “Ayyyyyyyyyyy” every time I need to run to Costco or Fred Meyer.
2.Henry, the gardener, has threatened to quit if I don’t reinstate Babette and agree to her terms. Apparently, Babs, was shall we say, inspiring to Henry. I believe I have already mentioned that she’s a bit of a slut.
3. Magda, our housekeeper, will no longer allow me to call her Mrs. Garett and has put an end to our Facts of Life role playing game.

My life is in chaos and I fear for the balance of our daily existence if I don’t cave into that domestic terrorist, Barb. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated during this trying time.


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