Sky Greene, Monday


Sky writes about  a strong and capable coming-of-age young woman who embodies the sweet side of chick lit. Check out her book, Saving Brynn!

To Survive on a Deserted Island:
1. A Machete
2. Flint to help start a fire-even though I can do it without!
3. A long sleeve shirt with thumb holes and the flap that wraps around your hand-my hands are always cold, and it would double as an oven mitt.
4. A Spork
5. Fishing hooks and line. If you count this as 2 things, I guess I have to give up my spork.
In My Purse at All Times:
1. Lip Balm-usually at least 2 different brands, of which I can never find either one in there. I think I should add another one.
2. Hand sanitizer. I’m a slight germ-a-phobe, so I go through a lot.
3. A tape measure-It’s crazy how many times I’ve used this.
4. Gas-X-Hey, it’s best to be prepared!
5. A pen
In My Wardrobe:
1. Yoga/workout pants
2. My comfy robe
3. My favorite Lucky jeans that I got at a thrift store and they fit perfectly and don’t stretch out.
4. Long sleeve shirts with thumb holes and the flap that wraps around your hand. Love these!
5. Clingy tank tops
In My Library:
1. The Outsiders
2. Everything by Chelsea Handler. LOVE her. My favorite is Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang
3. Every book that Emily Giffin has written. My favorite is Something Blue.
4. Angles and Demons. I stayed up until 4 am reading this book b/c I couldn’t put it down.
5. Most of Nicholas Sparks’ books-My favorite is The Lucky One.
In My Pantry
1. Fruit snack packs-slightly weird since I don’t have kids.
2. A craisin and nut mix I make and eat almost every day.
3. Peanut Butter-Creamy Jiff is the only kind I will ever eat.
4. 72% Cocoa bars. This gets dipped in the peanut butter daily.
5. Lots of crap I never use because I don’t really cook, and almost never bake(2 George Foreman grills, a crock pot, the pan that has the rack to hold a turkey, cake and bread pans.

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