Becky Monson

Week #23

Becky Monson

Becky Monson is a hoot and a half and I don’t mean maybe. I was hooked on her writing in the first paragraph I ever read. Don’t miss out on her brand new release Speak Now! It is quintessential chick-lit at its finest!


To Survive on a Deserted Island:

  1. Shampoo and deodorant. I hate smelling and detest having dirty hair. Some might say high-maintenance, I say body-aroma-conscious.
  2. Chocolate. I could never get sick of it. Plus the serotonin would lift my spirits as I awaited my rescue.
  3. My Kindle. So I could read away the hours. You’re never alone if you have a book. I’d claim I just made that up, but I most likely saw it on some meme on Facebook.
  4. My iPhone. Because … well if people were allowed to marry an inanimate object, we would so be legally bound by now.
  5. A picture of my kiddos and my hubz. I would miss them dearly. Maybe for the first ten days or so I would bask in my alone time. Precious, precious alone time. But I’m pretty sure after that I would miss them terribly.

In My Purse at All Times:

  1. Gum. I like to have a supply handy so I can smack it when I’m around my BFF because I know it annoys her.
  2. A back-up battery charger for my iPhone. Please see #4 above.
  3. Chocolate. What better way to shut my screaming kiddo up? Or to give me some serenity when it doesn’t work.
  4. Lip gloss that I never wear. Seriously. I have like five tubes that are always in my purse that I don’t use and can’t seem to get rid of.
  5. An old lady pill case for all the many vitamins I take. They haven’t always been a staple in my purse, but my old lady brain kept forgetting to take them, so they are now a permanent fixture.

In My Wardrobe:

  1. Shoes. Lots of shoes. My husband has four pair, I have like forty … or so. I have a problem.
  2. Crafts that I will never do. #notcrafty
  3. Clothes I long to fit into, and are now out of style.
  4. Chocolate. It’s a fabulous hiding place from sneaky little kids. And frankly, I don’t always feel like sharing.
  5. My guitar that just keeps gathering dust. I miss it. I should dust it off.

In My Library:

  1. Lots of pretty pink and blue chick lit-y books.
  2. Framed prints of my book covers that one of my besties makes every time I write a book. (I heart her)
  3. A book about how to avoid procrastination that I keep putting off reading.
  4. Chocolate. Because reading and chocolate go hand in hand. Well, maybe that’s just me.
  5. Folders of guitar music that I will someday play again, if I could just dust off my guitar. Maybe I should read that procrastination book. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.

In My Pantry:

  1. Chocolate. Duh.
  2. A dead lightbulb, which I have repeatedly asked my husband to change.
  3. Gadgets and tools for cake decorating that I gave up doing a long time ago.
  4. Tons of different flavored syrups (the hubz is obsessed).
  5. Measurements of my kiddos growth over the past few years. We can never sell this house or I would have to take the pantry with me.


Becky’s Website

Amazon author page

Becky on Facebook

Becky on Twitter


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