Suzie Jay

Fools rush in promo

Suzie Jay

Suzie wrote about Madison Leary, a woman who finds love by double-crossing her mean, prank-playing boss. By doing what she’s commanding to do, plus a wee bit more, Madison becomes the winner in a no-win situation!

1.  If you could have any hair color what would it be?

Blonde, it’s been my color most of my life and it suits my personality. Besides people expect less of me when I’m blonde and it’s nice to surprise them haha

2.  If you could have 1 super power, what would it be? 

Invisibility. It’s all about lurking around to get the gossip pretty much and seeing whoever I wanted naked. Shh.

3. Sweet or Salty?

Sweet all the way. I drink 2L of Coke a day and usually eat a block of chocolate as well. I’m such a good example of healthy living.

4. Would you rather swim with sharks or be abducted by aliens? 

Oh definitely Aliens. Have you met my family? It would almost be like being at home. They would have to return me home before the probes came out though.

5. What’s your favorite way to eat carrots? 

Hmm.. with someone else’s mouth maybe? No I lie, i love them roasted or boiled if you put lots of sugar in the water.


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