S.E Babin

Fools rush in promo


Today I have fab chick lit author S.E. Babin. Sheryl’s anthology story is about high school misfit, Alex and her crush on super hunk Becket. Becket pulls the worst imaginable prank that wrecks the rest of her high career. But what happens when he shows up in her life years later? Don’t miss this one!

1. Why do you spell your name so weird? Sheryl. 

Shhhh. Not Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch… Why do YOU spell Sheryl so weird?

2. Most memorable moment at a book signing?

This wasn’t at my book signing, but Jim Butcher’s signing. I lurve him with the fire of a thousand suns. I am a geek, but apparently I don’t dress or look like one (whatever that means). I was standing with a friend waiting for my turn to get my book signed when a guy came up to me and started questioning my geek cred. He fired off a couple of questions about the books which annoyed me greatly. When he finally realized that yes, I’d actually read the books, and, no, I wasn’t someone’s girlfriend or Jim Butcher’s assistant, he said…”Wow, you really, really don’t look like you belong here.” It was true. I’d forgotten my staff and Sorting Hat in the car…

3. Weirdest thing you craved while pregnant?

Oh man…prepare to have your stomach turned. I was pregnant with my second kiddo while I was a military recruiter. I came back in from a trip to the base exchange and pulled out chocolate milk, Cheetos and ranch dressing. My office partner was like, “No way. There’s no way you’re going to put that in your mouth.” It was delicious. He got up and left the office for awhile.

4. Last book that made you ugly cry?

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Serious ugly cry complete with intermittent sobbing.

5. Most ridiculous dream?

I was being chased by the Wicked Witch of the West and she hadn’t clipped her nails in about twenty years so they were seriously Guinness Book of World Recordfied and she kept trying to scratch me, but they were so curly she couldn’t. Perhaps that came after I’d eaten the ranch dressing, Cheetos and chocolate milk…


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