Amy Gettinger

For the next seven days, I am hosting seven fabulous chick lit and rom com authors that I partnered with to write Fools Rush In An April Fools Day Anthology. It’s FREE on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords, Our little way of saying thank you to our loyal readers. Fools rush in promo

Amy Gettinger

Amy Gettinger is the final author in our anthology. Her story is about pranking children, a dead husband and a new love. If you’ve ever wondered if there was life after April Fools, this one’s for you!

1. Would you like cheese with that?

No. Never. No cheese. Give me extra pickles. And onion. I’m strong enough to take it

2. What’s your favorite greeting from your children?

Anything with formed words. In English. With their heads mostly inside computers, they tend to grunt a lot, so all actual words from their ruby lips are golden.

3. What’s your favorite book?

Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination by Helen Fielding. That woman can write. And I love Olivia’s spy kit and her list of rules and her resourcefulness. She is never helpless. Ever.

4. How do you envision yourself at age 90?

Walking along a beach or cliff path every day, then going home to my funky pink house with the ocean view to write kickass funny stuff about romance among the youth—those upstart 60-year-olds. I will never utter the words: “Get off my lawn” to anyone. Well, maybe to a coyote.

5. Pink, huh? What’s your favorite color for a house?

Well, interesting that you asked that. For many years, I have lived in a community where the Big Brothers who approve the housing colors are obsessed with beige, brown, and gray tones and occasionally very muted, beiged-out greens and blues. It’s a tragedy, really. Hobbit Town in the middle of California. Trying to blend in with the scenery—which is pretty brown during this drought. But I believe that freedom of speech includes my color palette, the color of my clothes and car and shoes and furniture, and yes, my house. So at this point, in a totally reactionary way, I think I’d go for a cheery apricot or brilliant turquoise or bright pink house without a qualm. Yes, indeed. With a view, of course.


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