Monique McDonell

Week #19

Monique McDonell

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Monique McDonell writes fun, flirty contemporary women’s fiction including chick lit and romance. She is the quintessential girly girl that will give you a happy ending every time. I love this lady’s style!

To Survive on a Deserted Island:

  1. I’m an impossibly pale redhead so I need sunscreen and a hat because otherwise I’ll be too sunburnt to walk or talk or to build shelter.(I’ve already been sunburnt so badly once that I ended up in hospital, I don’t need to repeat that, and I don’t suppose this island has a hospital).
  2. A piece of flint. (Don’t you always watch Survivor and wonder why those people didn’t learn to make fire before they left home? Seriously, people fire has been the magic since the first episode, bring the magic.)
  3. Insect repellent because deserted islands tend to be tropical and that means sand flies, mosquitos and all manner of things that bite.
  4. A knife. I need to slice and dice those coconuts and all the fishies I catch and cook over my fire.
  5. A case of vodka. I’m sure I can bathe my wounds on it, and sterilise stuff in it and you know, have a drink every so often when I’m wishing I wasn’t on a deserted island.

In My Purse at All Times:

My handbag resembles that of Mary Poppins. Teabags, sugar sachets, pens, napkins, blotting paper (no one wants to be shiny)…you get the idea. Here is my top 5.

  1. Lipstick. I just don’t leave home without lipstick.
  2. A wallet, I also don’t leave home without money because you know I‘m going to need a coffee wherever I’m going.
  3. Pens, sometimes you just need to take notes and you can always grab a napkin (when you get your coffee) or write on your hand if things are desperate enough.
  4. My phone.
  5. One last choice…I’m going with mascara, because now me eyes and my lips pop.

In My Wardrobe:

  1. A denim jacket. I have one I bought 12 years ago that I take everywhere. I probably need to upgrade but that feels like I’m replacing a friend.
  2. Jeans. (Does anyone not say jeans I wonder?)
  3. A great stretchy dress that can go from day to evening. (Often worn with the jacket).
  4. A great white t-shirt or shirt.
  5. A pair of great boots. You can mix and match those pieces and look half decent almost anywhere,(maybe not a palace but most places).

In My Library:

  1. Little Women is my favourite book ever so that is a must have for me.
  2. Milly Molly Mandy Box Set by Joyce Lancaster-Brisely. This is a very English children’s book that was read to my parents read, they read to me and I read to my daughter.
  3. A Cook’s Companion by Stephanie Alexander – it’s a kind of cooking bible and a must have on my bookshelf.
  4. The Complete Works of Banjo Patterson. He was an amazing poet who chronicled modern day Australia, back in the day. I just love the rhythm and cadence of his poetry. He wrote lots of poems but American readers know him best for The Man From Snowy River.
  5. Five is hard, I feel like I need some humour in the mix. I think I’ll go with Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café by Fannie Flagg. That book made me laugh and cry and I learn a thing or two as well. It’s a book that has stayed with me over time.

In My Pantry:

  1. Good olive oil. Everything tastes better with good olive oil. I have some yummy flavoured oils right now that are great in salad dressings such as lemon oil and basil oil.
  2. Coffee, how did I not start with coffee? I can’t live without coffee, well I can, but no one else would live with me.
  3. Red wine.
  4. Pasta. (So far this is a very Italian list)
  5. Tinned tomatoes to make pasta sauce or soup or any number of dishes.

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