Heather Balog

Heather Balog

Week #18


Heather Balog is an enormously talented and funny author who writes in all kinds of genre’s to fit her mood. Suspense, thriller, chick-lit… you name it, this lady is multi-talented and a sheer delight to spend you time reading.

To survive on a deserted island:

Well, I really only need 2…
1. Books
2. Cabana Boy to make me margaritas and apply sunblock liberally to my pasty Irish skin. Cabana Boy will also be responsible for making a fire, shelter, and preparing my meals. 🙂

In my purse at all times:

1. Kid stuff coupon book…I always have it, always forget it’s in there…Oops!
2. Chapstick. I may need a twelve step program to break myself from my Chapstick habit.
3. Gum. Also need a twelve step program to break myself of this. My family says I chew gum like a cow.
4. Hair brush. My limp locks can become rather unruly very quickly.
5. Hearing aid batteries. I wear bilateral hearing aids so if one should give out during the day it’s like being trapped under water. If I forget the batteries or drop one on the floor or it rolls under something, I have been known to cry.

In my wardrobe:

1. Boots. LOVE my boots. They are flirty and sexy, not to mention they make me two inches taller. Who says guys are the only ones who are looking to add inches? 😉
2. Sports bras. And absolute must to combat the perils of gravity while working out.
3. Yoga pants. I actually do yoga in them…I swear. The fact that I wear them when not doing yoga is not a problem, no really, it’s not…
4. Jeans that fit. I’m five foot (and I may actually be shrinking) and finding a perfect pair of jeans is almost as frustrating as the quest for the Holy Grail.
5. Hoodies. They’re just so COMFY.

In my library:

 This is actually the hardest one because I don’t often buy books or keep them once I’ve read them. I give them away or I borrow them from the library. I’ve also only read a handful (5 or 6) books, more than once. So I will include the few books I have loved so much that I’ve actually read them more than once.

1. My all time favorite book, To Kill A Mockingbird.
2. Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts
3. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
4. Gone With the Wind
5. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

In my pantry:

1. Triscuits. I don’t think they’re good for you, but I love them with a slice of cheese melted on top.
2. Bananas. Pre-work out fuel AND what I use to bribe the dog to get into his crate. He is a banana junkie.
3. Coffee…because the people in my house don’t want to lose a limb.
4. Wine. Ok, technically not in the panty but still…
5. Fire extinguisher. This is my husband’s contribution to this list. Apparently I’m a bad cook. I wouldn’t know; we eat out constantly.

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