Tracy Krimmer

Week #16.5
Today I have the wonderful, Tracy Krimmer, author of contemporary romances that will leave you wanting more! Luckily for us, she has written several so the adventure doesn’t need to end!
tracy krimmer
To Survive on a Deserted Island:
  1. I don’t do boats, so I can’t see a circumstance this would happen, but I’ll play along by starting with a MiFi. You don’t specify how deserted this is. Someone has to have WiFi I can pick up somewhere, right?
  2. Since I’ll have wi-fi, I’ll need either my iPad or iPhone. I can use both for music or writing. And even the Kindle app. All set there.
  3. I don’t know how many books I can bring, so I’ll bring a large textbook like book of short stories. You know, like 500-600 pages worth? That should keep me busy.
  4. Popcorn. If I lay it in the sun, it should pop if it gets really hot, right? I assume since I’m on an island, there is water surrounding me, so drinks are covered.
  5. My pillow. I am not laying on the ground to sleep without at least some comfort.
In My Purse At All Times:
  1. My Kindle. I usually always have it. You never know when you can sit down and start reading. Sure, I have my phone, but there is something about that Kindle.
  2. If I have my big purse, my iPad. It fits in the compartment and I can use Evernote on it in a much bigger screen than my phone.
  3. My wallet, of course. There isn’t ever any cash in it, but I do have my credit and debit cards, and mounds of coupons from Kmart and Target because they print so many. I shove them in my wallet.
  4. Glasses cleaner. I can’t stand when my glasses get dirty. Okay, well, dirty enough I can’t see through them anymore. They always feel dirty.
  5. A pen. I can’t stand not having a pen. If I can’t find it in my purse, it’s usually in the compartment, but I forget it’s there.
In My Wardrobe:
  1. Lounge pants. I live in them. I’m short, and have to hem most of mine so they fit, so I really only have a few good pair. 
  2. A matching shirt for my lounge pants! I have to match best I can.
  3. A hoodie. I almost always have a zip up hoodie on. Right now, I’m wearing a hot pink one.
  4. Socks or slippers. I can’t stand having cold feet. If my dog drinks water, and drips, and I step in it, I’m pissed about it because now my socks are wet, too. I must always have dry socks. I love new socks. I call it sex for my feet.
  5. A decent bra. Let’s face it, the older I get, the further they drop.
In My Library:
  1. My own published books. I love looking at them on the shelf.
  2. Pictures of my family. They are all over my bookcase. The two things I love most in one place!
  3. Mary Robinette Kowal books. I love her Glamourist series and it will never leave my shelf. Sorry, you can’t borrow them either. They’re signed.
  4. A cozy chair to read on, with a very warm blanket.
  5. A steaming cup of coffee to drink while I read.
In My Pantry:
  1. Popcorn. I eat it almost every single day. And top it with popcorn salt and ranch seasoning. I love it, too, if it is has a slight burn to it.
  2. K-Cups, or my reusable cups so I can put regular coffee in it. I have 2 cups of coffee every day, sometimes 3, with French Vanilla creamer.
  3. Pretzels, my other staple. I love to snack on them.
  4. Great Value Grape drink mix. I know, I know, artificial sweetener. But, it’s the only way I’ll drink water, usually. Must have.
  5. Nutella. Best way to eat a bagel.

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