Vanessa Ryan

Vanessa Ryan

Week #16

Vanessa Ryan is an all around Renaissance woman! Not only does she write killer mysteries, she’s an actress, stand up comedian and artist of some renown. I’ve decided not to let her many accomplishments intimidate me and enjoy her many talents.

Vanessa Ryan

To Survive On A Desert Island:

  1. A current subscription to the Los Angeles Times newspaper. I would be lost without being able to read a daily newspaper. And I like the Times. They’ll just have to find a way to deliver it to me.
  2. Coffee grounds and a pot to make coffee in. I don’t mind throwing the grounds into boiling water––I’m not that picky, since I’m on a desert island. I’ll make do without a real coffeemaker––but I need my morning coffee.
  3. A mirror, not because I’m vain, but so I can pretend I’m talking to someone else instead of just listening to my voice. Because don’t most people lost on desert islands end up talking to themselves before they go mad?
  4. Sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen. I like a tan as well as the next person, but unless I figure out some shelter fast, I’m going to fry.
  5. Lip balm. Sunscreen works on my face and body but not on my lips. And I can’t survive five minutes without applying lip balm.

In My Purse At All Times

  1. Again, lip balm. I don’t have to be on a desert island to need this. And since I’m not, I can be pickier. If I have my choice, I use lip balm made without petroleum. I like one made from Aloe Vera. All lip balm is addicting––I found that out soon enough and now I can’t live without it––but at least the nonpetroleum type doesn’t burn.
  2. My cell phone. Who can be without that?
  3. Sunglasses. I need them when I drive in the daytime, but they’re also great when I’m out and about and want to look good without makeup. I just wear a big pair of sunglasses.
  4. My debit card. It doubles as a credit card but without the headache of missing a payment date.
  5. At least $10 in cash because the gas station near my house is the cheapest ever, IF you pay with cash. I stop there either when I’m going out or before I get back home.

In My Wardrobe:

  1. My blue hooded, fleece sweatshirt. My head gets cold in the winter, even inside my house despite having the heat on.
  2. Several pairs of warm, cozy slippers, because I get cold feet in the winter.
  3. Skinny jeans and leggings. I love wearing them with long tops.
  4. Long, tunic tops. I need them to go with skinny jeans and the leggings.
  5. A slinky black dress. It works for parties, book signings and just about any occasion. I love wearing black and black never goes out of style.

In My Library:

  1. Books by Jane Austen
  2. Books by Cornell Woolrich, Dorothy B. Hughes
  3. Books by the classic mystery writers such as Agatha Christie, Patricia Wentworth, Stuart Palmer, Ross McDonald and others.
  4. The Chicago Manual of Style, because I never know when I’ll be stumped by a grammar or a punctuation problem.
  5. A few copies of my own books. Looking at them is a great motivator for writing another one.

In My Pantry:

  1. An unopened 14 ounce package of dark French roast coffee. I like to keep a spare package so I won’t run out.
  2. A large jar of unsweetened applesauce, so I won’t run out of what I keep in the refrigerator. I like applesauce for desert every night. I mix it with frozen blueberries, cranberry sauce and cinnamon.
  3. Cans of cat food. My three cats would hate me if I fed them only dry food. I split up a can daily for them as their afternoon treat.
  4. Some cans of cranberry sauce, so I don’t run out of what I have in the refrigerator. I like the jellied type. My favorite brand is the one the dollar store carries. They don’t stock it year round, so I buy it when I can.
  5. Vitamins. I’m not sure they give me energy or keep me healthy but someone once said I looked healthy because I must be taking vitamins. So they maybe they help.

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