Sara Gruen

Today, I am most fortunate to have the amazing Sara Gruen! This lady is an exquisite story teller who takes you on journeys you never knew you yearned to have.  There is nothing about this author or her tales that is expected. She, like her books, is a true pleasure to know.

Author, Sara.
The real Sara.

On a deserted Island:

Okay, so the FIRST thing that popped into my head was, Is this like “Naked and Afraid,” and I’ve just been dumped off, or shipwrecked, or whatever, on a desert island and the five things on my list are the only things I have to try to keep myself alive? Or is this like Napoleon being exiled to Elba, and I have shelter and food, but nothing to do all day and I can’t demand that my favorite people be brought to me?

So, the “Naked and Afraid” version goes like this:

  1. machete
  2. fire starter
  3. desalination kit
  4. cooking vessel
  5. fishing rod with extra line and hooks

And the “Napoleon in Exile” version (which assumes I have a nice house with a comfy bed, good bathtub, and all the mod cons) goes like this:

  1. my pets and their toys, beds, favorite foods, etc
  2. an English copy of every novel and play ever published
  3. endless knitting supplies
  4. home theater and every DVD ever made, either in English or with English subtitles
  5. totally tricked out kitchen with magically restocked ingredients

In Your Purse:

Here’s the sexy answer (it probably goes without saying that said purse would be a tiny, ever-so-glamorous clutch):

  1. credit card
  2. driver’s license
  3. lipstick
  4. compact
  5. phone

However, based on the actual contents of my purse, here are five things I apparently haul around with me all the time:

  1. crayons
  2. tabasco sauce
  3. funchops (a plastic thing that converts regular chopsticks into kid chopsticks)
  4. bandaids
  5. multiple bottles of Purell

Yup. The latter about sums me up.

In Your Closet:

  1. large selection of awesome pajamas
  2. silk robes
  3. fuzzy socks in all colors
  4. fancy dresses
  5. SHOES!!!

I really want to add fascinators but I don’t have any—besides, that would make six things.

In Your Pantry:

Because I’ve never met a thing I couldn’t over-think to death, I immediately wondered if this meant the five things I would choose if I could only eat five things ever again (another “Naked and Afraid” situation, except that POOF! these things magically reappear anytime I run out), or are these just the five foodstuffs I don’t ever want to run out of?

Here’s the “Naked and Afraid” version, because I think these things would keep me alive and relatively healthy:

  1. oranges
  2. rice
  3. beans
  4. kale
  5. blueberries

The “What’s Actually In My Pantry That I Can Never Run Out Of” version is too boring to list.

In Your Library:

Poor Whitney. She sent me a bunch of completely reasonable questions that I promptly mangled, and now I’m about to go rogue and write my own “five things” question that may or may not have anything to do with favorite anythings! Where will the madness stop?

Things people probably don’t know about me:

  1. I can write backwards.
  2. I can write upside down.
  3. I can stand on my head.
  4. I can stand on a cantering horse.
  5. But I can’t stand on my head on a cantering horse while writing upside down. I think.

All right—here ends my reign of terror. I am officially finished hijacking Whitney’s blog.

(I wonder if this is all Napoleon’s fault because the first question made me think of him? I think yes. Let’s blame Napoleon. Certainly let’s blame Napoleon before my mind starts to wander again and I try to figure out what a Naked and Afraid Napoleon would do…)

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