Geralyn Corcillo

Today I have Geralyn Corcillo, author of Miss Adventure! Geralyn is a seriously funny lady with the hint of the ridiculous, which makes her tops in my book!


Desert Island:

  1. My dog Colin. He is young, big, strong, healthy, devoted, and fierce. Of all my dogs, I could depend on him to protect me and snuggle in for warmth.
  2. A flint. Won’t get ruined, run out, and it works 24/7 to start fires.
  3. A hatchet. In Gary Paulsen’s awesome and convincing book Hatchet, a kid survives stranded in the Canadian wilderness with nothing but a hatchet. And hey, a well-written book has never let me down before!
  4. A book all about plants – which ones are poisonous and which ones have medicinal properties.
  5. NOT my husband. Somebody has to find me!


  1. Does my faded denim NY Giants tote count? It’s what I carry all my stuff in. And the first thing I put in there is baby wipes. I am constantly picking up litter off the streets. And then I need wipes to wash my hands. Other people’s Taco Bell garbage? Ick!
  2. Beef jerky. I am a vegetarian (or try to be) but I always have beef jerky with me in case I run across a stray dog or cat who needs help. Beef jerky does wonders for gaining their trust so they will let me help.
  3. A bottle of water. It seems my Lithuanian fair-skinned heritage has doomed me to be forever thirsty and somewhat dehydrated, which keeps me pasty and flaky, like a first-grader’s art project,
  4. A spoon. Sometimes I just have to stop at Trader Joe’s or Ralph’s and get myself some raspberry yogurt so I can eat it right then and there.
  5. An old, scratched CD. Easy to grab and sharp enough to serve as a weapon if you get attacked and go for the jugular. Currently I have the High School Musical CD, which I wore away to nothing. (And I do not have kids.)


  1. Socks, socks, and more socks. My feet are almost always cold. To me, a happy life is like a cozy pair of socks.
  2. Sports bras. I simply cannot stand to wear any other kind. Itchy lace or flesh-denting underwire or anything I hook across my ribcage? Life is too short for me to endure such discomfort.
  3. Many pairs of flannel pajama pants. Like Mr. Rogers and his cardigan, the pajama pants go on the second I come through the front door.
  4. My supersize supersoft plush terry robe. I wish I could be like Julianne Moore in The Big Lebowski and just be naked all the time except for my hastily thrown on robe.
  5. The entire inventory of American Eagle T-shirts.


  1. Every Agatha Christie novel, play, and short story, including those she wrote as Mary Westmacott. And even A Passenger to Frankfurt, the one I could never finish.
  2. Touch Not the Cat by Mary Stewart. I need to read it every few years. I. NEED. IT.
  3. Four copies of The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare: one paperback I bought from a scholastic books magazine in 5th grade, one beat-up hardcover printed in the 1960’s that I found at a used book table in a flea market, one hardcover my best friend gave me for Christmas 5 years ago, and one audiobook read by Mary Beth Hurt .
  4. My gorgeous coffee table book Great Hollywood Movies. All my friends pitched in to buy it for me for my 10th birthday: I was THAT into classic movies.
  5. My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger. Best book ever.


  1. Coffee
  2. Coffee filters
  3. Raw sugar for coffee
  4. Instant coffee in case the coffee pot goes on the fritz
  5. Powdered coffee creamer in case we run out of milk.



One thought on “Geralyn Corcillo

  1. All I can say is, since Whitney originally posted this superfun post, I have stopped putting sugar in my coffee 🙂

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