Bunny Poop Pedicure


“The Rabbit Feces Pedicure.”

Unbeknownst to mere mortals, rabbit feces is a miraculous alternative to pumicing your feet. Got calluses, bunions, foot fungus? Just inset the fresh pellets in a pair of 100% Mohair socks, then add feet. As the mohair interacts with the inherent warmth of your feet, the pellets will melt. As that occurs the miraculous enzymes go to work. I shit you not.

Rabbits eat a diet of very healthy vegetables and Americans simply do not get enough of the green intheir diets to keep their bodies in fighting shape. Let your furry bunny friends help!

Please, if you’re reading this and know Gwyneth Paltrow, recommend this to her stat. I have a load of bunny crap piling up and a mortgage to pay!


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