Maggie Le Page

Maggie Le Page

Week # 12.5

Yay, this week I have Maggie Le Page!  I love this saucy New Zealanders wit and style. She’s a true blue chick-lit author who writes with plenty of humor and suspense.

Maggie's pic

Maggie To Survive On A Desert Island

  1. My iphone. Fully charged, obviously. If I have to be stuck on a desert island, I want the selfies plastered all over Facebook and Twitter to prove it.
  2. Chocolate. Preferably dark. See, I have this wee addiction and I’d rather be on the sane side of normal when I’m rescued.
  3. A genie. The great thing about genies is that they tend to be male – and muscular – and very attentive to one’s needs. That could be handy on a desert island. Oh, and they can magic you off said desert island if you don’t get rescued in time for the next episode of Blacklist.
  4.  Sunblock. I know, B-O-R-I-N-G. But you won’t be saying that when you’ve seen me after a day on the island without sunblock.
  5. Pen and paper. Clearly my laptop won’t last long without power, so I need a writing alternative. Yes, for the stories that will pop into my head while I’m waiting to be rescued – but also for the hate mail I’m going to send the idiot who left me on this island. And the shopping list I’m going to give my genie.

In My Purse At All Times:

  1. My iphone. For those random stuck-in-a-queue moments when you may as well be checking Facebook and Twitter and emails and . . . no, officer, not when I’m driving. No way. Never then. Cross my heart.
  2.  My credit card. (Well, duh.)
  3.  An emergency pack of chewing gum. (Sugar-free.) (Mint.) Useful for disguising the fact that I’ve just wolfed down a slab of chocolate.
  4.  A pen. Do you know how handy pens are? You can, like, write stuff down with them when your iphone dies

Paracetamol. Because I hate pain. And when the stress comes on and that teensy little headache threatens, I down a couple of paracetamol quick-smart, before that cutie pie can turn into a mega monster migraine. Migraine Maggie is not a fun girl to be with.

In My Wardrobe:

  1. My ‘fat cow’ clothes. You know the pile. I should’ve ditched it when I lost weight but didn’t; it’s the pile I’ve resorted to now my skinny clothes don’t fit anymore.
  2. My ‘skinny’ clothes. The pile I want to be wearing; the pile I aspire to. I mean, how hard is it? I fitted into them no problem last year. What’s my problem
  3. Black stretch pants. They don’t care if I’m fat or skinny; they just seem to fit. None of this namby pamby suck-in-your-tummy stuff. I heart them.
  4. My oversized, knee-length, fluffy woollen thing. Smaller than a blanket, bigger than a jumper, and perfect for slovenly writer behaviour. 🙂

One party-girl colourful dress. The perfect counterbalance to (3). Makes me feel like I’m out for a good time when I head out for a good time.

In My Library:

  1. Is this a trick question? I mean, most of my ‘real’ books got ditched when I fell in love with my kindle.
  2. I have saved a few. I’ve kept the debut novels of several fellow Kiwi writer pals; it’s my “They did it and so can you” collection.
  3. I also keep a copy of the books I’ve written. To remind me I can do it again.
  4. One seriously dog-eared “Hot & Spicy Cookbook”. I lovelovelove spicy food and this book has been with me since my twenty-first birthday. (Yeah, two years now.) (Snort.)

Trinny and Susannah’s Body Shape Bible. OMG. This book transformed my world and made sense of my wardrobe.

In My Pantry:

  1. Chocolate. Preferably dark. Preferably boutique. Preferably limitless.
  2. Wine. Big buttery chardonnays are particularly ‘in’ for me at the moment.
  3. Raisins. The perfect little snack for when I’ve gobbled all of (1) and feel a diet coming on.
  4. Herbs. Lots of them. It’s scratch cooking all the way for me – none of this open-the-jar stuff if I can help it.
  5. Nespresso coffee pods in abundance. I lovelovelove my Nespresso machine and a day without coffee would be a very sad day indeed.

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