Jennie Marts

Jennie Marts is a savvy romantic comedy author that believes you can’t have enough, friends, shoes or books! It’s like we were separated at birth!

Five Things I Can’t Live Without….

On a deserted island:

1. Chapstick- I always thought that would be my luxury item if I got picked for Survivor
2. Books to read- I would finally have the time to catch up on my TBR list!!
3. My hubby and kids- we all love to travel! 🙂
4. Cheetos
5. Notebook and pencil

In my purse:

1. Ummm…everything! How can I narrow this to 5 things? Have you seen my purse?1. Advil
2. Stack of gift cards that I always forget to use until after we have left the restaurant or store.
3. At least a dozen lip glosses (plus aforementioned Chapstick)
4. Sunglasses- don’t go anywhere without them- in fact, I should bring them on the desert island with me!
5. Debit card- I never carry cash! If someone stole my purse-they would be super disappointed, but I could identify the culprit by their shiny lip-glossed lips!

In my wardrobe:
1. That one pair of jeans that actually fits and I like
2. a bazillion white tshirts to wear under stuff
3. a great push-up bra (hey-some of us need a little extra oomph in that department!)
4. pajama pants (writers wardrobe)
5. at least 100 pair of shoes- I ADORE shoes, and boots, and flip-flops, and …well, you get the idea!

In my library:
1. Any and all Janet Evanovich books
2. Lots of Nora Roberts
3. Lots of cookbooks that I never really make anything out of but plan to someday, you know, when I get the time.
4. Stacks and stacks of books that I can’t bear to part with (both read and unread)
5. All of the Harry Potter books

In my pantry:
1. Cheetos (did I say that already? I just love those silly crunchy orange-dusted things! I call them things because no one really knows what a Cheeto is exactly-except that it is magical and addicting! )
2. Diet Coke
3. Kraft Mac-n-Cheese (staple of life!)
4. cold cereal – perfect alternative when you’re not up for making supper
5. microwave popcorn- another supper alternative!
Wait! Was I supposed to name something healthy in my pantry??? Let me think on that one and get back to you….

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