Meredith Schorr

Woohoo, I have NYC author, Meredith Schorr!! Meredith’s fourth chick lit novel was just released last week and you’ll want a copy for you and all your friends! Here’s what this savvy lady couldn’t lived without…


To survive on a dessert island:

  1. G2 – to avoid dehydration and those pesky headaches associated with same.
  2. Sunblockto avoid sunburn and the pain and risk of skin cancer that comes with it.
  3. Razor – to avoid hairy armpits!
  4. Fully charged Kindle – to forget about my loneliness, hunger, and dehydration and escape into another world. Considering I have over fifty unread books on my Kindle, it should last me until I get rescued.
  5. Fully charged iPhone – I can listen to music with iTunes and write using the “notes” application –I’m sure as dehydration and loneliness set in, I will need music to keep me sane and will probably start hallucinating. That could make for good stories.

In my purse at all times:

  1. Hairbrush – my hair tends to get the flyaways. I’m the girl whose first stop after getting to a party/restaurant/bar is to the bathroom to smooth out my hair.
  2. Wallet – for obvious reasons
  3. iPhone – see above
  4. Excedrin – I get headaches often
  5. Brushpicks (toothpicks) – My teeth are kind of close together and food tends to get stuck in between. Brushpicks are life-savers to avoid embarrassing myself making conversation with a piece of lettuce in my teeth.

In my wardrobe:

  1. Little black dressI actually prefer to dress in bright colors, but think every woman should have a little black dress in her closet
  2. White button-down shirt – Classic accessory. I’m wearing one now with blue stretch pants and Mary Janes, but I think it goes well with jeans, a pencil skirt etc.
  3. Black stretch pants – can be tailored for work or spiced up for evening depending on accessories.
  4. Running sneakers – I run about twenty-five miles a week.
  5. Cute hat – I’m a hat lady. I love to wear berets, winter hats etc.

In my library:

  1. Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi– I find this to be a great aid during the editing process
  2. Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin – probably my favorite chick lit book
  3. The Opposite of Love by Julie Buxbaum – this novel touched me on a personal level. I’ve been waiting years for Buxbaum to release her third novel. She’s wonderful.
  4. The Lovely Bones – This book is hauntingly beautiful.
  5. My own books – Even after four novels, I get the warm and fuzzies at seeing my books on a bookshelf.

In my pantry:

  1. Fruit strips – I love these tasty low-calorie snacks, especially the “abundant apricot” flavor. I think they are targeted towards children, but I’m immature so it should be okay.
  2. Raw almonds – These are delicious and a great source of protein and “good” fat.
  3. G2 – If I don’t drink enough of this after running or indulging in alcoholic beverages, I will undoubtedly get a headache caused by dehydration.
  4. Coffee – K-cups for my Keurig
  5. Garbanzo beans aka chick peas – add a little pizzazz and protein to any salad. My go-to salad consists of chick peas, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, a dash of pepper, and balsamic vinegar.




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