Stacey Ballis

Stacey Ballis is not only a fabulous writer, she is a fellow Chicagoan (so what I haven’t lived there in 26 years), an amazing chef and fellow brunette (with the most gorgeous eyes!) You can’t beat that kind of resume with a stick.  Reading any of Stacey’s book is very dangerous for my waistline as they are full of scrummy recipes that result in drool on the pages. Anyone in need of a little culinary expertise should check her out on Facebook. She is our very own Butterball hotline this year and is willing to help save your (and my) Thanksgiving gravy with her sage advice!


Here’s what Stacey has to say about her 5 things!

1. On a Deserted Island

  1. My husband.
  2. Books.
  3. A really good knife.
  4. My 1980s party mix playlist.
  5. Sunscreen.

2. In My Purse

  1. Lip balm.
  2.  Kleenex.
  3. Advil.
  4.  Protein bar.
  5.  Sunglasses clip for my glasses

3. In My Wardrobe

  1. V neck cashmere sweaters in every color of the rainbow…I could not survive Chicago fall/winter without them.  You can wear them casual with jeans, or dress them up with a scarf or jewelry and a skirt.  It’s my uniform.
  2. NYDJ dark wash jeans.
  3. Spanx Tights.
  4. Really good bras.
  5. Wrap dresses.

4. In My Library

  1. Eleventy million cookbooks.
  2. Endless MFK Fisher.
  3. Tons of classics.
  4. Books about old houses.
  5. And the work of women writers I admire many of whom I am proud to call my friends, including Jen Lancaster, Elinor Lipman, Jennifer Weiner, Sarah Pekkanen, Amy Hatvany, Laurie Notaro, Quinn Cummings, Laura Caldwell, Elizabeth Flock, Ayelet Waldman, Eleanor Brown, Anne LaMott and so many more.

5. In My Pantry

  1. Really good quality tuna packed in olive oil from Spain, you’ll never go back to Starkist.
  2. Capers, they add that little pop of brine to a million dishes that takes them to the next level.
  3.  Lemons, on the counter not the pantry, but still essential.
  4. Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  5. Popcorn kernels…I’m an old school pop-in-a-pot-with-peanut-oil girl, no air popping or horrible microwave bags.

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