Marilyn Brandt

To Survive on a Deserted Island:
1. Matches. LOTS of them.
2. Antibiotics and whatever additional medications might be necessary to combat potential bug/snake/reptile/shark bites. 
3. Protective nets and/or appropriate gear to help me avoid #2 above.
4. Utensils and a copy of the forthcoming How to Catch & Prepare Easy Meals on a Deserted Island: The Official Cookbook for People Who Would Never Have Made It Past Episode One on “Survivor.”
5. And, for endless entertainment, the STARZ “Outlander” cast — live & in person — along with a stack of Diana Gabaldon’s books, so they can read to me from the source material. (Not asking for much here. 😉
In My Purse at All Times:
1. A little cash.
2. My cell phone, hopefully charged.
3. Gum.
4. My library card (and a credit card or two).
5. A mini notepad & pen for those things I just *have* to write down. On paper. Immediately.
In My Wardrobe:
1. Stretchy black yoga pants.
2. Baggy sweatshirts with various university logos.
3. Warm fuzzy socks.
4. Fingerless gloves — because my hands freeze during the cold Midwestern months, and I need them if I’m going to keep typing…
5. A couple of dressy outfits for those rare occasions when I have to go out in public and actually look like an “author” rather than like a sleep-deprived college student during finals week.
In My Library:
1. The Complete Works of Jane Austen.
2. The entire set of Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.
3. The Complete Works of Shakespeare (even though I tend to just skim through the “histories”).
4. My dictionary & thesaurus.
5. My Kindle Fire — which, in the interest of full disclosure, has 600+ ebooks on it but, you know, it’s THIN and LIGHT and no one can tell what a total book junkie I am until  that person starts scrolling through my electronic library…
In My Pantry:
1. Chocolate pudding.
2. Chocolate Ghirardelli squares.
3. Other forms of chocolate.
4. A wide variety of soup. I like soup.
5. Peanut butter, always creamy!

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