Sarah Pekkanen

Week #3

Sarah Pekkanen is a superstar author that knows chicks through and through! She’s talented, beautiful and prolific. Thank goodness she’s so darn lovely or it would be easy to hate her. Check out her 5’s for a little insight into this fab author!

sarah P
To survive on a deserted Island
  1.  A watermelon plant (nutritious and hydrating!)
  2. A journal and pen to plan my next novel
  3. Sunscreen, because I practically burn during snowstorms
  4. A hammock
  5. And Ryan Gosling, naturally. Who else is going to rub the sunscreen on my back?

In my purse at all times

  1. Hand lotion
  2. My sunglasses – when I have to dash out to drive my son to the bus at 6:30 am, I can pop these on if I bump into any neighbors before I’ve had a chance to put on mascara
  3. Some sort of toy or truck to entertain my kindergartener
  4. My epi-pen, which I’ve never had to use
  5. My little moleskin notebook and pen. I use it to capture story ideas, write to-do lists, map out my weekly schedule, and jot down shopping lists. I buy these in bulk and go through them quickly

In my wardrobe

  1. My running shoes.
  2. A baseball hat (see 6:30 a.m. bus drop-offs, above)
  3. An infinity scarf – I love draping it around my neck
  4. My little black dress with faux-leather cap sleeves
  5. My new skinny jeans! I signed up for this great service called StitchFix, since I hate to shop. The idea is a personal stylist puts together outfits for you and sends you a box of relatively inexpensive, cute clothes every few months. I’ve never worn skinny jeans before – and probably never would have – but the ones I received fit like a dream!

In my Library

  1. Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell. I re-read it every time I sit down to write a new novel.
  2. In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner, one of my all-time faves
  3. On Writing, by Steven King
  4. Galleys of all of my novels
  5. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. Possibly my favorite book ever.

In my pantry

  1. Nutthins. I’m trying to cut down on wheat, and these crackers are high protein, relatively low-cal, and they taste great with cheese and apples. It’s one of my go-to lunches.
  2. Coconut oil, which I put in these yummy oatmeal banana muffins I bake
  3. Walnuts, my healthy snack.
  4. Kettle chips, my not-so-healthy snack
  5. Almonds so I can make delicious almond milk with the Vitamix I treated myself to when I finished my last novel.

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