Nicola Kraus

Fabulous lady and native New Yorker,  Nicola Kraus, has co-authored (with Emma McLaughlin) many outrageously entertaining books including one of my faves, The Nanny Diaries. Her latest is The First Affair, with a very Monica Lewinski-esque vibe, is also a great read! Here are Nicola’s favorite things.


On a deserted island:

  1. I cannot answer this question. It completely stresses me out in a LOST kind of way. Water! Peanut butter! First-Aid! Sunscreen! Aloe! See, no fun at all.

In my purse/briefcase:

  1. Wipes. I love wipes. I loved them before I had a child and now I am never without them on my person. I could write a sonnet about wipes.
  2. Ear buds. Living in NYC I walk A LOT and since my reading time is limited I listen to a lot of audiobooks.
  3. Something to read. Maybe The Times. I get it delivered every morning and will continue to do so until the day they stop printing it on paper.
  4. Eos lip balms. I have chronically chapped lips and I am addicted to lip balm. Addicted.
  5. A pen. I don’t take notes on my phone (see still reading paper on paper) so I always have to have a pen to write down ideas.

In my wardrobe:

  1. Sneakers. I have a huge collection of what I’ll call Sex and The City shoes. They are carefully stored in boxes for when my daughter fits into them (please, dear God, do not let that be Sixth grade.) Now I only wear Adidas.
  2. Uniqlo Heat Tech everything. Changed my life. Has transformed standing in the arctic tundra of the playground into something borderline bearable.
  3. Black pants. Katharine Hepburn is my fashion icon. I think she’d approve of my sneakers.
  4. PINK bralette. I have them in every color. Yes, it’s a training bra, but it is the most comfortable thing known to man and after nursing I honestly don’t need anything more.
  5. Jeans with a lot of stretch so I don’t rip a seam squatting to tie a shoelace.

In my library:

  1. Atonement. Only book I have ever put in the freezer.
  2. I Know This Much Is True. Almost 1,000 pages. Read it in three days. Before having kids (obviously.)
  3. How To Build A Girl. A new favorite, but an enduring one, I already know. If Caitlin Moran only wrote Ch 20 in her entire career she could consider it a life well lived.
  4. Memoir of a Geisha. Missed my subway stop multiple times reading that one.
  5. The Regeneration Trilogy. About the discovery of PTSD in WWI, which, next to addiction, is my favorite thing to read about.

In my pantry:

  1. Chocolate. The good stuff. I don’t fuck around.
  2. Cocoa powder. See above.
  3. Wine.
  4. Writing snacks: butter popcorn, corn chips, nuts, I always eat while I work.
  5. Cheese. I am an acupuncturist’s worst nightmare, but I love me some cheese. (I recently smuggled in some of the really good unpasteurized stuff from Europe, but don’t tell anyone.)

Nicki’s Website: To Be Determined

Nicki on Facebook

The Nanny Diaries

First Affair


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