Jennifer Coburn

Week #2

Jennifer Coburn is the author of many, very funny chick lit books. Her humor is so spot on you can’t help but want her to be your best friend! If I still lived in L.A. I’d force her to have lunch with me. Alas, I must settle for giggling like a fool reading her wonderful stories.


1. To survive on a deserted Island –

1. A fully charged iPhone so I could call for help, then tinker around on Facebook and live tweet until the rescue plane arrived.
2 – my family
3- a really good knife
4- rope
5 – a big pot

2. In my purse at all times –

1- lipgloss, half because my lips are always dry and half because I’m the laziest vain person you’ll ever meet
2- a couple of packets of Splenda because I’m an old lady like that
3 – my day planner because I guess I’m an old lady in that area too
4 – Afrin
5 – my wallet

3. In my wardrobe –

1 – cotton pants with elastic waistband
2 – knee high leather boots
3 – cotton maxidress
4 – hats for bad hair days
5 – artsy scarf because I’m really trying hard to be more French these days

4. In my Library –

1 – The Tao of Happiness
2 – A Total Waste of Make-up
3 – Ovewhelmed
4 – Bitter is the New Black
5 – The Paris Architect

5. In my pantry –

1 – peanut butter filled pretzels, hence the need for cotton pants with elastic
2 – dried mango from Costco, see #1
3 – Weight Watchers shakes for post-pretzel and mango nights of self-loathing
4 – Girl Scout cookies because diets never last long
5 – canned squid from the Asian market

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