Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke


The 5 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

To survive on a deserted island

(*We’re assuming these are inanimate objects or we’d include our families… But if our families can’t come and we can bring one other person, preferably a male, we’ll take Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum respectively.)


  1. Wifi
  2. An ipad so I can download multiple books until I’m rescued (see #1)
  3. Netflix (see #1) (I can’t miss Orange is the New Black or Sons of Anarchy!)
  4. Bottled water or something I could use to filter the water there. #imawaterwhore #andawatersnob #evenonadesertedisland
  5. Coffee! (Can I borrow Liz’s espresso machine? Will that make coffee? Assuming we’ll be deserted together here? #specialprivledgesright)


  1. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (I’m going to need some enlightenment!)
  2. An espresso machine to make a half-caf Americano each morning
  3. My Vitamix (How else am I going to make use of all those bananas and coconuts?!)
  4. A year’s worth of Entertainment Weekly. Just because I’m on a deserted island doesn’t mean I don’t want to know what new fall shows got cancelled first!
  5. A razor. Y’all know why.

In my purse at all times


  1. A bottle of water
  2. Cell phone
  3. Something to entertain my three-year-old
  4. Hand sanitizer (I may or may not be a germaphobe! I’ll tell you Santa thinks so. My stocking is always stuffed with it. #christmascantcomesoonenough)
  5. Some kind of ancient piece of food (I would just feel odd if I didn’t discover an old Ziploc bag full of goldfish or something!)


  1. A thousand lip glosses smashed into a old change purse .
  2. My laptop, in case I get a minute to write.
  3. A small notebook
  4. Empty sunglass case. (Why do I even pretend I’m going to use it?)
  5. Several smashed Fiber One bars I told myself I’d eat instead of those carne asada nachos.

In my wardrobe


  1. Skinny jeans, skinny jeans and more skinny jeans!
  2. Tall boots
  3. Booties
  4. My go-to LBD that I wear to every GNO or trip to Vegas
  5. I suppose I need a shirt or a sweater to go with the jeans! Make it black.


  1. Dresses, dresses and more dresses!
  2. Several pair of UGG boots that I may or may not wear with shorts occasionally. #iknowthatsawful
  3. Stripes. Lots of them.
  4. More ankle booties than one woman should own.
  5. A few things with the tags still on them, much to the chagrin of my husband. #IswearIwillwearitsomeday

In my library


(This is so hard! I love so many different novels, memoirs, biographies, children’s books for many different reasons. So I tried to pick books that shaped me somehow.)

  1. Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin (This book inspired Liz and I to want to write a novel together.)
  2. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume (I read Judy Blume since the day I could read. This is just one of many I love by her. She also inspired me to want to be an author one day.)
  3. Happens Every Day by Isabel Gillies (This memoir about divorce is so gripping, so raw, so honest, that I read it twice.)
  4. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (This memoir changed me and opened me up to having a relationship with the right man. Finally.)
  5. Can I shamelessly plug our books, Your Perfect Life (6/14) & The Status of All Things (6/15)


I have A TON of books! Like crazy taking over my house amount of books.

  1. Covet by Tracey Garvis Graves (So. Freaking. GOOD!)
  2. Love in Mid Air by Kim Wright (Each time I re-read this book inspires me. The characters are so complex, so flawed, yet so real.)
  3. Bridget Jones Diary by Helen Fielding (Say what you want about Bridget, but she’ll always be my girl!)
  4. The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty. (If you haven’t read this lesser known title by Liane, YOU MUST!)
  5. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. (There’s a reason I’m taking it to the deserted island! Reading it changed my life.)

In my pantry


  1. Udi’s gluten free granola
  2. Justin’s Almond butter
  3. Things only the kids can eat like Oreos and sugary cereal. #whydoidothistomyself
  4. Quinoa pasta (If you haven’t tried it, you will love. You can’t tell the difference & the kids can’t either. Ha!)
  5. A secret, secret stash of something (usually a small packet of red vines) that’s so secret I often forget about it for months! (Maybe that’s the point.)


I’m on this crazy carb cycling diet right now so my pantry is nooooo fun! #helpimsohungry

  1. Raw almonds even though I secretly want the roasted, flavored ones.
  2. Brown Rice and Quinoa
  3. Kashi Oatmeal I can’t quite bring myself to eat
  4. Chocolate whey powder that does not taste nearly as good as the packaging promises
  5. Overpriced, natural creamy peanut butter that was made fresh at the Whole Foods knockoff near my house, because apparently the normal one in the store is going to poison my body if digested.

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