The Letter “P”

I’ve had the pleasure to be interviewed by a slew of fabulously talented authors and bloggers during the last few months. And while the questions have been thought-provoking, “How do you achieve balance in your life?”  (like for author Susie Schnall’s Balance Project) Some were  a bit odd, “Would you rather be a vampire or biker?” No one has asked me the one question I’ve been dying to answer. That question is…insert drum roll… “What is your favorite letter?”


Before you click off and go back to shopping for BOGO boots, let me explain. My favorite letter is “P” and this is why. “P” words are round and juicy. They are astoundingly voluptuous and graphic. Here are a few example for your enjoyment.

One P:

  • Puke
  • Pick
  • Pathetic
  • Pour
  • Pink
  • Pale
  • Ponder
  • Preliminary
  • Pork
  • Puss
  • Pack
  • Pill

Now for two “P’s.

  • Pop
  • Pump
  • Purple
  • Pimp
  • Pimple
  • Pupa
  • Populate
  • Palpitate
  • Puppy
  • Pompous
  • Primp
  • Proper

“P” words are our gift from the vocabulary gods. I hope you enjoy each and every one that you utter or are lucky enough to be the recipient of! I welcome all addition to this list and will savor each one appropriately.


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